Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Opening Night and The Post Lovin' Us

Let us get some pesky review business out of the way before I tell you about Opening Night.

Nelson Pressley from The Washington Post loved our little show. To steal the quote Randy will be sending out in a mass email to our faithful later:

“Kushner being Kushner -- that is, burning with ideological fire, thoroughly grounded in history and theory, and preposterously gifted with literary agility -- that wild swing of a thesis gains surprising traction onstage. Rorschach Theatre is the right company to embrace the overstatement, and director Rahaleh Nassri's production at the Casa del Pueblo Methodist Church's modest Sanctuary Theatre is tough-minded and, in its way, beautiful."- Nelson Pressley The Washington Post (Click here for the entire review)

More of a mixed review from our friends over at DC Theatre Review:

"Sometime during the 1980s, Tony Kushner decided to write a play about times when the radical right is taking over society, and the tiny windows of opportunity during which the left has a chance to stop it. It was relevant when he wrote it and it is relevant now; it’s no wonder Rorschach chose to revive A Bright Room Called Day this season." - Fiona Zublin, DC Theatre Review (Click here for the entire review)

So sorry about yesterday. Blogspot refused to let me publish the pictures I promised. Hell it refused to let me publish my apology for not printing the pictures I promised. So let's try this again.

Mood at opening festive. Reaction of audience highly moved and angered. Not at the show mind you but at the world that makes a show like
Bright Room necessary. Please note the delightful spread of desserts that greeted out audience after the show on Saturday.

There was a love fest for the cast, designers, director and crew. Hanging out in the lobby you could hear the laughs when there were supposed to be laughs, the painful silences when they were needed and the applause when they were moved to do so. Despite the rain that frightened some away, we played to a full house and everyone I talked to told me that we shoul be proud and I for one am proud of everyone involved in this here process.

Without further eliquence I will let you know that we ate the food and drank the soda before we made our way over to Mount Pleasant where we made our way to the upstairs area of Haydees and there was some drinking and some friend making. Please note the photo of the group with their arms raised and their new friend "Amor" (yes that is right his name was LOVE).

Make your way over to Rorschach and see A Bright Room Called Day soon, I promise you, you will not regret it. Now enjoy the sights and the drinking of Opening Night:

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The Deceiver said...

I'll reiterate for the record that I was quite fond of the way the last pieces of text were re-interpolated. By all indications the play was written from a very black place, and that little tweak helped the production achieve its place in the larger illuminated history of Rorschachiana, where no knife is proffered to the audience for the slitting of one's own wrists without being accompanied by the strong suggestion that it would be better used on someone else.