Tuesday, April 25, 2006


I told you all when I got these I would post them. We are down to two company members who have not supplied the blog with the answers in seeks. Randy has very thoughtfully liked all of the company's answers on the main Rorschach web page to their individual profiles. Click here if you would like to take a crash course in all people Rorschachian.

Today we have a special young woman. I put the emphasis on both the young and the special in this case. Special because she is like one of those cool kids you always wanted to be when you were growing up, but just slightly dorky enough that you can talk to her at not feel the rage inherent in the fact that you didn't grow-up to be that cool kid. Young, because for a bright young theater company, way too many of us are creeping into our mid-30s these days for comfort. We need someone like Liz around to make the rest of us feel like we are still those up and comers we keep telling our parents and non-theater friends we are.

Elizabeth Chomko, has now been in three Rorschach shows and has the unique distinction of being the first cast member to see her own performance on opening night. She is quite lovely and I for one am a big fan. She has had roles in The Scarlet Letter, Behold! and now A Bright Room Called Day. So please welcome Liz Chomko.

1. Place of birth?

I was born at a women’s hospital in Chicago, IL.

2. First experience in theater?

The first theatre experience that I recall in detail was seventh grade’s The Sound of Music. I really wanted to play Leisel, and do that romantic duet about being sixteen going on seventeen with that cute guy, but seventh grade was a very plump and awkward year for me, so I was cast as Sister Sophia. I had one solo line in How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria?; some nonsense about willow wisps and clowns. I keenly remember that as an encore, after Climb Every Mountain, all of the nuns performed a little montage of songs from Sister Act, which was very cool at the time.

3. Where you went to school?

I attended American University. I received a degree in theatre and also philosophy.

4. What do you do?

I am an actor.

5. What was your first experience with Rorschach?

My first extended experience with Rorschach, where I was actually involved and not just an idle audience member, was The Scarlet Letter. I played Pearl, the “extremely tall” seven year old.

6. Company member you would most like to be if you were not yourself?

If I were not myself, I would be . . . You know, this is a tricky one, because a. I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings, and b. there’s a lot of pretty unique people affiliated with Rorschach. Top two are: Jason Linkins, aka J-Pantz, because he is just about the funniest person I know, and Rahaleh Nassri, because, well, does anyone NOT want to be Rahaleh for ten minutes?

7. Some story about working on a Rorschach play that either made you laugh or touched you deeply?

Well, I quite like that when we first started talking about Behold!, there was this concept that I would be the universal roller-skating waitress. Yvette found some roller-skates in my size, and I spent time skating around the church, crashing into drinking fountains and Felix. But then, due to the kitty-litter road-texture problem, skating became impossible, so the skates were cut. But everything comes full-circle, because now, in A Bright Room Called Day, those same roller skates are set dressing in my little bedroom-museum.

8. Where do you think Rorschach will be in the next ten years?

In the next ten years, I can see Rorschach buying that big building across the street that they are currently turning into condos, ferociously tearing out Sub-Zeros and walls and things and turning it into a theatre space to rival The Studio-plex on 14th St. Or that purple Brewmaster's Castle in Dupont Circle on New Hampshire? I heard that’s up for sale.

9. What is your favorite Rorschach show that you were not in?

My favorite Rorschach show that I was not in must, hands down, be Family Stories. Seeing that show was my actual first experience with Rorschach, and it haunted me in that really good way.

10. Scott McCormick harmless adolescent or world conquering super villain?

Scottie? Neither. Dark, brooding, cigarette-smoking, quadruple-espresso-drinking mystery man. Who knows what will happen when he emerges from the dark, smoky corner of the coffee shop?


Anonymous said...

and who do you have to thank for number nine?

dchojkier said...

Your "interruptions" were incredible. Coincidentally, the Colbert Report knocked off some of your 666/Ronald Reagan observations. I think we need to get Zillah a guest spot on the show.