Friday, April 14, 2006

Actual Rorschach News

Big weekend coming up for everyone involved in A Bright Room Called Day and some big news on the award circuit.

Helen Hayes on Monday and despite Rorschach's lack of nominations, which I thank everyone
who comes up to me and tells me that they can't believe The Beard of Avon got shut out this year, we have three company members up for awards for work they did at other theaters:

Lindsay Allen, Outstanding Supporting Actress, An Experiment with an Air Pump

Karl Miller, Outstanding Lead Actor, columbinus

Michael John Casey (Kathleen Akerley & Ensemble), for Outstanding Choreography for shkspr prjct

We wish all of them the best of luck. In related news Jenny McConnell Frederick and Randy Baker will be representing Rorschach and small theaters all over town as presenters on Monday night. My understanding is that Jenny and Randy will be presenting the award for Outstanding Costume Design. From all of us here at the blog we wish them good luck and please for the love of God be funny. For a full run down of all the Rorschach related Helen Hayes nominations this year follow this link for Jenny's rather thorough summary of Rorschach Alum and the shows they were in that were nominated.

This is also the time of year when the Offies are given. What are Offies you may ask? Well they are the
League of Washington Theaters Off-Stage Honors. Last years recipient for Rorschach is currently typing and this year's recipient is currently rehearsing and editing his sweet ass off for Bright Room. Mr. Grady Weatherford is Rorschach's recipient of this year's Offie. I will have more details about where and when the honor will be given, but this is a great honor and recognizes the work that Grady does off stage which is just as impressive as what he does on it. To be honest it would be hard to run this company without him and I personally wouldn't even want to try. There will be fruit and cookies.

Finally a message from Randy Baker regarding something the whole company has been honored with a Mary Goldwater Award:

Hey all,

So some great news. Rorschach Theatre will be receiving a Mary Goldwater award this year!

Many of you know about these awards, in fact many of you have received Mary Goldwater Awards for you work on, among other things, your work on Rorschach shows. But for those of you who don't, here's a little blurb on the awards (taken from Potomac Stages):

"In May of each year The Theatre Lobby, an organization that at one time was the only producing theater in DC, recognizes the contribution of both organizations and individuals to the overall level of excellence in the theater community despite limited resources. The award is named for local actor Mary Goldwater who died in 1985."

The ceremony is on Monday, May 22 and we would love for any and all of you to attend since this award belongs to you guys as much as it does to Jenny and I. The event is free.

We will send out more info about the location and time when we get closer to the night.


According to the Theater Lobby we are being honored for:

Rorschach Theatre Company:
for excellence and vision in producing works representing a variety of cultures and styles, including premieres of new plays.

It is sweet recognition indeed. For the full run down of who won the other Mary AuH2O's visit Theaterboy.

Well all I can say is have a great tech weekend Bright Room folks and I will see many of you at the Helen Hayes. I am wearing my drinking shoes, so please stand clear.

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congratulations to everyone, especially Mr. Witherspoon!