Monday, April 03, 2006


So after a couple of extra drafts, an extended reshoot via Instant Messenger and some great work by Grady on the layout, here is the look of the Bright Room post card. We are now coming down to the wire with this show. First preview is just a few weeks away. Grady and the crew are slaving away on the multi-media aspects of the show and the cast is just working their hearts out to bring a very special show to the stage. Here at marketing central we are ramping up our efforts with ads for the City Paper Spring Arts Preview and trying to get the seats filled.

Just a reminder, Rorschach Theatre is still one of the best values in town when it comes to ticket prices and we always have specials for all of our shows. Even at our regular ticket price of $18 we beat the hell out of the competition when it comes to bang for your buck. Other theater companies, who I won't name here, spend a lot of money and leave you with the feeling that you have just seen something very pretty from a hundred feet away. Rorschach gives you sets, costumes and lighting of extraordinary quality and some of the finest young talent in town. You are never more than 15 feet from the stage and the action happens right in your lap. For some people that may be a problem so please don't sit in the front two rows.

Not to get too far ahead of ourselves but there is still one last show this season, Arabian Night. The first round of auditions took place at Casa yesterday and from what I hear this show is going to be sexy with a capital X. Look here for more updates as they become available.

Later today I will be posting another poster for you to down load and print. As before if everybody who reads this blog were to print out just 10 copies of this poster and post them around town, there would be 800 or so posters up. Much more than Randy or the company could post in a couple of days going up and down 18th Street and around DuPont Circle.


Anonymous said...

i'm glad the postcard got tweaked a little bit, the big green ashtray looked kinda like one of those cheap sheetz-bathroom condoms that come in different flavors.


DCepticon said...

And how do you know about the different flavors?

Anonymous said...

well, it says it on the label, silly!