Wednesday, August 05, 2009

TWITTERING a zombie revolution

Rorschach Theatre has discovered twitter.

To follow us, head on over to You don't even have to join twitter to get a sense of the cool things that are being posted by our conspirators! Below are some excerpts from our live tweeting during opening night of LIVING DEAD IN DENMARK.
(SPOILER ALERT! The live coverage gives away major plot points and twists!)
Oh and the times are PST for some reason...

1:04 PM Living Dead in Denmark opens tonight! One of our conspirators will be tweeting about the Un-Dead LIVE! Starting @ 7pm.
3:39 PM The zombie army is having one last fight call before opening night!
4:07 PM hoards of the living are gathering in the lobby of the Gonda Theater for Living Dead in Denmark.
4:11 PM body bags hang over the stage... a soundtrack of screams and cracking bones... thats just the pre show!
4:13 PM we begin....
4:17 PM "where the fuck am I!?"
4:21 PM Ophelia and the Gravedigger are gettin' down... he feels ya Ophelia...
4:26 PM Lady M has a mighty fine axe and Juliet looks great in pig tails.
4:31 PM zombie death count: 5
4:37 PM "your out and kill the zombie lord..."
4:44 PM Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Un-Dead.
4:53 PM "get thee to a bomb shelter!"
4:55 PM was that the theme to Doogie Howser?
5:00 PM Zombie death count: 12
5:14 PM Make that 13... and so ends Act 1.
5:15 PM Act 2: "And flights of angels sing thee to thy rest...BITCH!"
5:21 PM Bond....Hamlet Bond...?
5:28 PM Ophelia has such bad luck with men.
5:34 PM "And thats what I call a plot twist!"
5:45 PM Finally we have an answer to that age old question: which is more badass ninjas or zombies?
5:47 PM Shakespeare's witches and monsters are just misunderstood.
5:55 PM Fortinbras and ninja stars make an excellent combination.
5:57 PM Just one last bad guy to terminate!
5:58 PM BLOOD!!! Lots of it!
6:00 PM still bleeding!
6:02 PM ummm... wow.... still bleeding...

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