Wednesday, August 12, 2009

MYTHappropriationVI: Day 2: Love, War and a blue Karl Miller

MYTHappropriation VI is in full swing with rehearsals happening throughout the city. All in preparation for the big night Sunday when we unleash these world premieres on the world. With plays by Jason Grote, Sheila Callaghan, Qui Nguyen, Randy Baker and Brett Abelman, you will not be disappointed.

Guest Blogger Catherine Tripp joins us today. She is directing MAHABHRATA: A LOVE STORY, Sheila Callaghan's 15-minute adaptation of the great Indian Epic, The Mahabhrata.
Get your tickets NOW and don't miss a minute of this remarkable event.

And if you're in the mood for more Sheila Callaghan, don't miss DEAD CITY, just about to begin its final weekend.


Hey there blog readers,

Catherine Tripp here to tell you about the exciting first rehearsal of The Mahabharata: A love story. It was so much fun that I clearly forgot to blog on time. However It stars the amazing talents of Karl Miller, Monalisa Arias and Danny Rivera. Karl is playing the blue God himself Krishna and Monalisa and Danny play two cousins out for blood.

We spent most of our first rehearsal figuring out the percussion section and the very long fight sequence. With a little creepy mask work thrown in for good measure. The story is one of love and war and the part the Gods play. (or it is just a crazy kick ass 15 minutes of fun) My talented cast has drummed their way into my heart as I have no doubt that they will drum their way into yours on Sunday night. While I don't have any pictures of Karl Krishna Vishnu, please enjoy the picture of Krishna at war. And please come to see Myth Appropriations VI.

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