Sunday, August 16, 2009

Blogging in hell...

We're coming to you tonight, live blogging from Haydees in mount pleasant. Over the green margaritas and tastey burritos we're rehashing the wonders of our mythic night. Luquecious Grote, combative Callaghan, infernal Baker and bloody bloody Nguyen brought us four world premiere 15 minute epics with more stage combat, original music and creepy mask work in one night than you get at most theatres in a whole season.

Randy's Geeking out on sandman here so i can't get him to chime in but Monalisa would like to say "f$&k you Danny!" and then to say just how much she enjoyed working on the LIVING DEAD IN DENMARK set.

Catherine and Akiva are having a conversation that's probably not blog appropriate, but we're all really sorry that Akiva fell down on the job.

In entirely unrelated news just for the record--the RT Matchmaking service is still in full swing--even branching into a new demographic this summer. Hooray!


Hannah Blechman said...
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Danny Gavigan said...

how monalisa was successfully able to curse my name via haydees-margarita-jenny-interweb-rorschach-theatre-blog is beyond me, but im starting to wonder whether this song was even about me

rudi skotheim jensen said...

Hey, production looks grate..
keep up the dead works