Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Year in Review: Summer Time

Tomorrow the City Paper will have a spread with some very interesting information. Check here tomorrow to see the ad and all of the wonder it means for Season 7.

Jordan Suderman has requested that we continue with the Year in Review and ignore the fact that the Channel 9 Poll has not changed in two days and we are still hovering at 12%. I am nothing if not responsive so here we go with the year in review. Please vote!

Summer means two things in this city; heat and Rorschach's sells out shows. Think back on some of our biggest hits; The Illusion and Master and Margarita. Both shows sold like flat things made in a pan out of batter and both of them were very warm to both watch and perform in. The same could have been said for this summer's contribution to the history of Rorschach, The Arabian Night.

Let us be honest how did this show ever end up at Rorschach. With a cast of five and a very European and non-epic style of story telling, The Arabian Night would have found a more comfortable home at one of those European theaters that are all over DC. But Rorschach got there first and with some pretty hot performances, our first foray into the world of nudity on stage and a two floor set, it probably could not have found a better home than Casa. Many people left the show scratching their heads and others fell in love with the 90 minute no intermission. We did learn one thing for future summer outings, fans over the head of the audience help.

Here are some blog highlights from The Arabian Night. Enjoy!

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Anonymous said...

was it a artistic decision for it to be so darn hot in there... or is that the nature of the space? Just curious...

DCepticon said...

Nature of the space and taking advantage of the space. The play was set on the hottest night of the year and we knew in advance how hot the space was going to be. Sometimes you take advantage of what God and the elements give you.