Wednesday, August 02, 2006

DCeiver Edition

With the season over and us not quite ready to announce the monster of a Season 7 that we have planned to make you hot next year. I have decided to use this as a venue to give you all a taste of how intricately linked the lives of us Rorschachians truly are. This weekend will provide plenty of opportunity for such high jinx as Co-Artistic Director Randy Baker weds his beautiful child bride, Rorschach Resident Company Member, costume designer to the stars and French Candian Sympathizer, Debra Kim Sivigny. The Bachelor and Bachelorette parties are tomorrow night and once again your's truly has been called on to help with a little pre-wedding wedding. Stay tuned for more on these and other wedding related events. If you want to read of the first time I met Deb follow this link and learn how I felt when I was called INFAMOUS.

Now to the part that will make this entry a
DCeiver like entry. As many of you know Company Member and gad about Jason Linkins who has guest blogged here lately has a blog called the DCeiver and most of the time it is filled with references so cool and dense with music and politics related references you would need a year and a MacArthur Grant to figure out what the hell he is talking about. I know that he may have once been banned from the Black Cat and his rants against the DC music scene are the stuff of legend. He makes his way around town with his better half Wife of DCeiver making merry at the foibles and follies of the D.C. Club scene. Well last night for the first time I made my way out into the world of music. Didn't hit a club but me and my best girl made our way up the Dulles Toll Road to Wolf Trap to see hot little band called Guster.

Here is my report:

God damn it was hot last night. Band was the bomb. Ran into Jenn Miller (costume designer for The Beard of Avon) she made a comment about how hot it was and I agreed. Band rocked my sh*t, for real y'all. It was hotter than the debate on the floor of the Senate over that Flag Burning Amendment that has been in the news as of late. Both Jillian and I keep getting whiffs of the guy standing in front of us. He smells like the pit where they throw dead animals from the highway.

Thank you that is my attempt at Linkinsian Humor and as you can see I am not very good at it. But the band gave a great show and it was fun to run into Jenn Miller. This once again proves that I am one step away from running into everyone I have ever known in the course of one day.

Come back tomorrow and I will give you a taste of what a Scott presided wedding will entail.

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