Thursday, August 10, 2006

That's No Lady . . .

I was scolded at one point for talking about how hot the cast of Fair Ladies at a Game of Poem Cards was. Mostly because Randy was doing the same thing. As a marketer of all things Rorschach I have to repeat the mantra that all things sexy sell, better than those things not sexy. I know it seems like I learned marketing off the same people who hid the naked lady in the ice cube on the side of a Coke machine, but are they necessarily wrong.

I mean look at those four on your left, can you find a better looking group of people willing to work for next to slave wages in a non-Equity show in a church in DC? And if you could would they be as talented and dedicated at those four. Possibly, but no way they could be as fun to be around and whip cracking smart.

For me Fair Ladies marked is without a doubt the most beautiful show we ever produced. All due respect to the other shows, but the simplicity of the set, the fantastically inventive costumes, the haunting lighting effects and the killer sword fights all added up to a show that kind of made me weep a little bit everytime I was there.

Add to that a script with passages of haunting beauty, a killer sound track, and some of not just my favorite actors but some of my favorite people in the world working on it and Fair Ladies may not be the show that made the biggest splash this season, but it is the one that people talk to me about the most. And I got to be evil, which for me is the high point of any show.

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