Tuesday, August 22, 2006

There May Be Actual News Later This Week

There seems to be some worry that all I am going to do for the next two weeks is talk about the Channel 9 Poll. And you should be worried. I was never an athlete and therefore all of my competitive nature was channeled into elections. I was class president for three years in high school and then Student Government President my Senior Year, so as you can see I like winning elections. As many of you know I was in fact a political science major in college and therefore the nature of elections has long held a keen, if not unhealthy, fascination for me.

I remember the first time I won a school wide election, the thrill of my name be announced over the PA and all the kids in the band room coming up and saying, "How you doing Mr. President?" See that is what happens when you win elections people give you titles and you get to lord it over the whole freshman class, people who used to laugh at you in middle school now look at you and go he must be more popular than I thought he was, you know you have made it.

So excuse me if I am a little fixated. Pardon me if a popularity contest on a local CBS affiliate holds the same fascination for me as winning not one but three class presidencies and a SGA election. I will apologize to no human, man or woman, for my desire to see the other theaters of DC crushed beneath the heal of Rorschachian Supremacy. We may not be able to impress the Helen Hayes judges with our passionate performance style and our inventive ways of stretching a dollar bill into three, but we will pick away at the lead of Classika, Arena and Signature until we stand as equals on the battle field of cyber space. We will let loose our barbaric YAWP from the battlements of our blog and say "Here we are, come and get us! We are Rorschach Theatre and our fans are smart enough to vote on line."

By the way we jumped another 1% so we are at 12% now. Good work and keep voting.

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