Monday, August 28, 2006

Random Messages on the Rorschach BB

You may not be aware of this but Rorschach has long been on the cutting edge of technology. Before blogs became all of the rage Rorschach was one of the few theater companies in America to actually have a Message Board on the interweb. Mostly a place for actors to gripe and designers to complain about actors and directors to complain about thier student loans, our BB has been up and running for several years now and I sometimes take a break from my busy schedule to check in and see what the kids are grumbling about out there in Cyberia.

kalel7 writes:

What kind of crap do they think they are pulling posting a season and not telling us what any of the shows are about? I read the title Monster and all I could of think is that they are probably going to put McCormick in a furry suit and have him jump around the stage for two hours. Yeah I already saw that play and I didn't like it. Why won't you tell us what the show's are for Christ's sake?

fluffykitten79 says:

References to Salvador Dali make me hot too. I remember my first time seeing Persistence of Memory and I began to feel these little tingles all up and down my spine. It was like a million tiny firecrackers were being set off and I couldn't stop seeing those melting clocks for days. Thank you Rorschach for doing a play that will help me through my lonely life of isolation.

magnolialover left us this message:

Once again Rorschach makes a mockary of the English langauage. Please note how the title to Birds is not capatalized in the advertisement nor should there be a period at the end of the title as that would denote that it was in fact a sentance and not a title. For shame Rorschach, once again you corrupt langauge to your own ends. You SUCK!

Finally here is a message from fairweatherfordfriend:

Could some one please tell me which shows Grady will be appearing in or directing? I really need to know so I can schedule my vacation.

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Anonymous said...

"Could some one please tell me which shows Grady will be appearing in or directing? I really need to know so I can schedule my vacation."

I've never more felt the need for acronyms....LMAOWTF!

Does that mean they want to schedule their vacation to be out of of town when Grady is performing, or vice versa?

PS I love the misspellings in the entry that accuses you of "mockary of the English language."

-marc spector