Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Rorschach: We Are Good at Filling Out Things

It has been on my mind as of late that Rorschach as a whole has not received the kind of grass root support it has needed as of late. Yes you all are doing your job; you have been visiting the blog, you come to all of the shows and you show up when we ask for your help. And believe me despite what you might hear we appreciate it. Here is the thing though we have no stupid awards to flash around.

Recently the Washington Post published their Best of Picks for 2006 and the winner in the best theater catagory was the Kennedy Center. I make no commentary on this choice, it was a fine choice for a group of people who chose the Best Place to Get Coffee as being Starbucks. Am I comparing a large Federally Supported building that has hosted a certain hair themed murder mystery that is fun to send your out of town visitors to when you are sick of them to a chain coffee places that has all the character of a rest stop on the Pennsylvania Turnpike? Me no, but there has been talk.

Where is all of this leading me? Well you ever think what would happen if one of us gutsey little theater companies got the gumption together to actually turn out the vote for one of these rediculous little exercises in vanity? And make no mistake we are vain and we would shove it in everybody's face if we ever won one of these Best Bets. Well here is our chance to take a test run at the this for next year.

Channel 9 has a similiar poll going on right now. A List 2006 is their way of getting into the listing of things based on how many people bother to vote on a web site. The contest has been going on since July and we just got our names in the poll yesterday, so I have no illusions in my mind that we can win, but what if we could? What if we got really good at voting on-line and next year, we beat out the Kennedy Center? What if people saw the name Rorschach and realized how very very good we were at fixing on-line polls and contests.

So I ask you to please vote for Rorschach. Follow the link and cast your vote in this rediculous contest that seems to think that the Uptown Movie Theater should be listed in the Theatre Catagory. And then mail this link to all of your friends and tell them to vote for Rorschach. And then next year we will rule the Best Bets at the Post. We will parade our ability to get people to fill out silly polls before the world and bring the Best Bet back to the people who need it most, not the people who are drinking their coffee at Starbucks but at funky places like Sparky's.

Rise up people and show how much better Rorschach is at filling out on-line polls!

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