Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Then They Really Got Married

Many of the pictures you are about to see are stolen from our friend Gwen G. Thanks Gwen for sharing things on the internets for me to steal.

Deb and Randy tied the knot on Saturday and there was much rejoicing, quaffing and merriment. Setting the scene big house tucked back in a corner off of Connecticut Ave, NW. About 100 people milling about drinking lemonade with strawberries and black berries floating in it. Numerous Rorschach related folks mingling with relative related folks and childhood friend related folks. All waiting for Deb and Randy to make their appearance.

Paper lanterns hung everywhere and paper flowers poking out of various corners. Bride beautiful. Groom, don't know couldn't see him from where I was standing. Brides maids lovely, grooms men and ladies once again hidden from view.

You know you are at a theater wedding when the program features bios of the wedding party and the minister starts the ceremony off with a bible passage which is also the lyrics to a song from God Spell. The Minister was was pretty hip and I really think that it was a ceremony that truly relflected the kind of people that Deb and Randy are.

After the ceremony, there was the drinking and the nibbling. The gathering of the family together for photos and at one point Randy's Aunt Rita sang a Norwegian Song about tears and going off to sea and never returning. No one sings about being lost at seas like the Norwegians.

Quick note, I can not think of no event other than perhaps Helen Hayes Awards where you would have seen that many Costume Designers in one place. If a tornado had hit that wedding on Saturday there would have been naked people walking Washington, DC stages for at least a month.

Overall, the wedding was a success. When that many friends gather round and celebrate the love of two people, you know that something special has taken place.

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