Monday, August 14, 2006

Year in Review: Bright Room

A Bright Room Called Day did something that every good play should do, it shook things up. The positive review we received from the Post has people on the internet buzzing about how they could possibly give a positive review to a show that equated Hitler and Reagan.

Integrating video and live action a way that I have never seen carried off successfully in a theater with an unlimited budget let alone one with Rorschach's resources, A Bright Room Called Day was the product of a group of passionate artists working to tell the story of another group of artists waiting for the greatest tragedy of the 20th Century to take place.

Everyone involved met their challenges head on brilliant lighting and set. Costumes that transported you to Germany just before the fall. Acting which took the characters from mere words on a page to being living breathing people in the midst of life and death struggles. Made this one of my favorite shows ever.

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