Thursday, November 10, 2005

Your Questions

I have thought of other ways to fill this page every day and the laziest thing I could come up with is an advice column. Actually the laziest thing I could think of was posting pictures of me asleep (I have dozens). So here is what I am thinking, I know there are people out there reading this Blog and I want some participation people. Write to me with questions you may have about the show, Rorschach or anything your heart desires and I will use my years of experience to answer them.

I can't promise helpful answers, but I do promise answers. You can either leave your questions in the comment area or email me at



Anonymous said...

Dear Scott,

I hear that you have an incredibly attractive stage management team. Is there any chance of getting pictures of them posted, possibly in short skirts?

Mr. Amazing

Anonymous said...

The Stage Management Team would like to thank 'Mr. Amazing' for his flattering comment. However, the Stage Management Team would also like to point out while they are uncommonly easy on the eyes, that they are also extremely efficient, helpful, reliable, and hardcore about sweeping.