Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Five Show Weekends

Here is what I am sure most of you are wondering right now. You are wondering, can I still see The Beard of Avon. Mad Blogger keeps hinting that the show is selling out on a near nightly basis and there are only two weekends left. Well my friends don't despair, this is the weekend we throw the gates open and just start acting our rears off.

Not only will The Beard of Avon be performing its usual Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 8pm this week and next, but there are two more shows. How do we squeeze those shows in you may ask? Go on ask.

There are two 5pm shows on both Saturday and Sunday this week and next. I know what you are thinking that means two shows back to back on Saturday, that is insane, mad, and crazy even. With a megre 30 minute break between shows how will they ever pull it off. The answer is quite simple, PEZ. That's right this entire production is powered by the miracle food known as PEZ. That childhood treat adored by millions is the battery that keeps all of our little engines puffing along going "I think I can!"

When I start to feel a little drag coming into my performance I crack open the head of my Yoda PEZ dispenser and just start downing them like a hyper active third grader. Now I know there are some actors who prefer the pixie sticks, but they are messy and dry you out like nobodies business. When you want that extra boost to get you through a scene for the umpteenth time, nothing keeps you going like cracking open a Loony Toon character's neck and extracting the sweet sweet candy that looks like a tiny brick.

Tickets are still available for this weekend. Saturday night at 8pm is almost sold out but tickets are still available for the rest of the weekend.


Anonymous said...

Oh man pez is the food of the gods.
Especially lemon.
I can bring my set of star wars pez dispensers in for the cast to share... I have a stormtrooper, yoda, chewie, darth vader, and a x wing pilot guy. maybe it's luke. It's hard to tell...
with nerdiness,

Anonymous said...

wait--how long has this pez thing been going on?