Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Another Weekend of SRO Houses

As I was flying down to Atlanta bright and early Sunday morning for my nephews Christening I took advantage of the free XM radio that came with every seat. I had just tuned into the all movie sound track station and what should start playing but the Patrick Doyle composed soundtrack of Henry V, staring Kenneth Branagh. Then I tried to note how often Shakespeare surrounds and intrudes into our lives. Sitting at bar in Cumming, Georgia there was a beer called Rouge's Shakespeare Ale. Watching cable and seeing Mickey Rooney as Puck in Midsummer Night's Dream. People all around us quoting and misquoting Shakespeare left and right. Shakespeare isn't just something you see on stage its something that surrounds you. One of Will Shakspere's realizations in The Beard of Avon is that his name has become a "brand" and to be honest it has.

As we head into the second to last weekend of the run, we have been playing to Standing Room Only Crowds. We couldn't be more pleased. However we know there are still people out there who are planning on waiting until the last possible minute to come and see the show. Well I can tell you right now that will not be as easy as you think. I was just told we have exactly one seat left for our Saturday 8pm performance. That means that this show is selling out way in advance, so I encourage you to get your tickets booked early. We have shows this Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 8pm and Saturday and Sunday at 5pm. Hope to see you sooner rather than never.

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