Thursday, November 17, 2005

Hotcakes That Buzz Baby

I can't promise that anyone is going to propose to anyone this weekend, but I can tell you this. We are selling like the proverbial hotcake over here at Rorschach. I have already told you all that we will be extending the run of the show and we will not be replacing anyone. This should serve as good news to everyone who has either not seen the show or was planning on catching it this weekend, because we are almost sold out, people.

There are still tickets available for this Friday and Saturday 8pm performaces, so if you are planning on seeing The Beard of Avon before we take our much deserved Thanksgiving Break, you need to make reservations now. Follow the link to find out the schedule of the remaining shows and the show details.

Regarding the extension, I have been getting nothing but congratulations from every news outlet I have contacted to announce our good luck and huge audiences. Turns out the press is not looking for us to fail and actually are supportive of good theater. Go figure!

In the news of the what the hell category, former reviewers for the Washington Post, William Tripplet and Lloyd Rose are both coming to see the show this weekend. Both Lloyd and Bill gave Rorschach some its earliest reviews and they are so interested in what we are doing that they want to come and see the show. Don't know what it means in terms of press, but it does mean this show has got buzz baby!

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