Friday, November 04, 2005

If Bacon Wrote Shakespeare Who Wrote Bacon?

I know I am writing this Friday afternoon, but I wanted those of you who read this Monday morning to have something to read. I will be on my way back from my Nephew/Godsons christening in Georgia on Monday and therefore highspeed internet access will be denied me as I cruise up Routes 85 and 95.

Most of the trip will involve me staring out the window going, hey who is that guy, is that ZZTop driving that truck or singing "China Grove" as we drive past the China Grove exit. I also have a whole routine I like to do as I drive past the Giant Peach water tower. I know you can almost taste the excitement dripping off of me as I plan my great two day Southern Excursion into the Great Red Expanse where my sister has taken up residence.

Just so this entry isn't completly about me I wanted to give you all a quick snap shot of one of the other conspiracies that exist regarding the Authorship Debate. Our play while taking more of an Oxfordian Slant also mentions the possibility that Sir Francis Bacon may have written some of the plays. This web site attempts to explain what I think is a very complex and convoluted means of proving Bacon is the author. Like a modern day Cabalist it uses ciphers and cryptograms to prove there are secret messages peppering the works of Shakespeare, proving that Mathematician and Scientist Sir Francis Bacon was the true author.

I also share with you the description of Sir Francis's odd death from Wikipedia.

Francis Bacon's death had a considerable element of irony. In March, 1626, he came to London, and shortly after, when driving on a snowy day, he was inspired by the possibility of using snow to preserve meat. Bacon purchased a chicken (fowl) to investigate this possibility, but, during the endeavor of stuffing it with snow, contracted a fatal case of pneumonia. He died at Highgate on April 9, 1626, leaving assets of about 7000 pounds and debts to the amount of 22,000 pounds.

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