Friday, November 11, 2005

Sunday Article in Post and Cast of Fair Ladies

Be sure to check out the Sunday Washington Post for a special article regarding our favorite theatre company and two others that we think are pretty damn cool as well. That's right Peter Marks has written an article about mid-level theater in the District Rorschach, Catalyst and Theater Alliance all in one handy dandy news type article. No reviews just pure sweet manna from the mouths of Four Artistic Directors about three of the hottest sexiest theater company's in town. I will put up a link on Monday but if you are like me you will want a copy in your hand Saturday Night.

Now we go onward to casting news. Well here it is the next cast of loveable losers who will grace the boards at Casa del Pueblo this January are ready to be announced. Later to today I will run a character description entry but here are some names new and some names familiar that will be battling with swords in Fair Ladies at a Game of Poem Cards.

Takiguchi: Patrick Bussink
Yokobue: Nelina Giridhar
Yoshitsugu: Cesar Guadamuz
Karumo: Jai Khalsa

Lady Tonase: Yasmin Tuazon
Kojiju: Gwen Grastorf
Kohagi: Ghillian Porter

The Empress: Rahaleh Nassri
Morotaka: Scott McComick
Katsuyori: Paul McLane
Moritsugu: John Michael McDonald
Lord Shigimori: Al Twanmo

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