Thursday, November 10, 2005

Another Question

Now a follow up inquiry from Sound Board Op and soon to be Rorschach Actor Gwen:

Dear Scott,

What is it about Eric that makes him so darn funny?



Where to start? I have often considered this question in the time that I should be warming up for a performance and I have boiled it down to two simple principals of funny.

1. Eric is funny because of his dead pan delivery and almost blatant disregard for what normal people consider comedic. No funny voices for Eric, just straight delivery with absolutely no apology. Many of us will put on hats and red noses but Eric simply relies on his inate sense of what makes him laugh to bring joy to others.

2. Or it's the way he says the letter Q.

Thanks for asking


Anonymous said...

What makes Eric unequivocally, unabashedly, unbelievably funny is that he has absolutely no hair.

Anonymous said...

It's a proof that the fruit of having few roots trumps the suit of hirsutes who can't match my hoots.

Bald absolut,