Wednesday, September 26, 2007

What are the Alums doing these days?

Thank you to the two folks who left questions in the comment section yesterday. That will be a big help in my crafting this round of Get to Know! entries this go around.
Mean time I have been asked by a very kind friend to post some information about an upcoming production with a familiar name but which has absolutely nothing to do with folks trapped in a German apartment building on the hottest night of the year. Besides this is The Arabian Nights (plural) not Arabian Night (no article singular). Read what Gwen G. (Fair Ladies at a Game of Poem Cards and Rough Magic) has to say and why we should be interested:
Hello Scott!
I know you've been a benefactor and a boon to Friends of Rorschach (FOR) in the past, so I was hoping you could maybe do me a huge favor. Myself, Miss Katie Atkinson (A Bright Room Called Day), and Mr. John Tweel (365 days/plays) are all in a show opening this week, The Arabian Nights presented by Constellation Theatre Company. (I'm not sure if any of the other designers are Rorschachites.) (Editor's Note: Yes, Yvette Ryan is a Rorschach alum having designed Behold!)
We have pay-what-you can previews this Thursday and Friday at 8 pm, and open on Saturday. It's at the Source Theatre down on 14th Street, right around the corner from many delightful restaurants. I'd love you forever if you could maybe put a little shout-out for us on the blog!
Here's the website with a big fat picture:
So support these fine folks and take advantage of the PWYC performances.


Anonymous said...

This an excellent play. I worked on it last winter with the Baltimore School for the Arts and very much hope to be able to work seeing this one into my schedule.

The Trendy Tailor said...

Yvette did Arabian Nights at RT too! So this is like a non-seqitur sequel, considering it has nothing to do with Germans, I think.

Anonymous said...

Thanks a million scotty.