Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Stop it now! It hurts!

The other day I showed you all the "serious we are artist" group shot from Myth Appropriation: Brothers Grimm.

This is the other shot. I could point out various highlights of this particular photo: Various pit stains; The back of a couple of folks heads; The attempted murder of serveral cast members; Amorous embraces; and An abundance of open mouthes.

I recommend in the future that people consider what exactly it is they are trying to say with their crazy poses.

Are they exhibiting their disgust with the whacky photo?

Are they trying to express desires of a sexual nature for someone in the group that they would otherwise keep to themselves?

Are you trying to proove either flexibility or good dental hygene?

Are you sure that you are comfortable enough with your hairline to expose it to the world?

What do you think these folks are thinking?


Unknown said...

That is hilarious!!! I know that picture was going to surface eventually!! At any rate, I would just like to say that while I'm exhausted, the entire week was a blast!! Consistently, I walk away from Rorschach having had the best theater experience imaginable!! You guys really know how to make inspiring theater and how to create a positive and safe environment for creative diverse and emergent work! Thank you Randy, Jenny, Matt, Scott, and everyone who participated for your hard work, dedication, passion and good humor!!!

DCepticon said...

You are welcome!

Unknown said...

Oh and it's Jackie by the way. I forgot that Google has my French nome de plume!!