Friday, September 14, 2007

Casting for Kit Marlowe

Yes the picture is stolen but the casting is new. Read on my friends and find out who will be taking the stage in our first show of Season 8.

Kit Marlowe
by David Grimm
directed by Jessie Gallogly

Featuring: Adam Segaller, Matt Dunphy (A Bright Room Called Day and Arabian Night), Jesse Terrill (The Illusion), Reece Thornberry, Bill Aitken, John Brennan, Lee Ordeman, Tony Bullock, Joe Baker

Set Designer: Eric Grims

Lighting Designer: David Ghatan

Costume Designer: Emily Dere

Sound Designer: Roni Lancaster

Producer: Jenny McConnell Frederick and Randy Baker

Dramaturg Rachel Miller

Technical Director: Andrew Berry

Fight Choreographer: Casey Kaleba


Anonymous said...

Love it...great cast, sorry I couldn't do it. Recee is a good friend from college and a brillent performer...great work everyone

Anonymous said...

Recee was excellent, well done to you! Shakeel