Thursday, September 06, 2007

All Hans on Deck

The days are dwindling. Myth Appropriations keeps on rolling along towards its One Night Only Celebration of all that is Grimm.
Tickets are selling fast and can be purchased for either of Saturday Night's performances at either 8pm or 10pm by clicking HERE or calling 1-800-494-TIXS. All seats are just $10, beat that with the wooden object of your choice.
Today we catch up with Catherine Tripp (not Cathering) and her merry band of misadventurers as they bring life to a Hedgehog.
Myth Appropriations Day Four.
Howdy folks.
I am not a blogger so forgive me if I commit some cyberspace faux pas. My name is Catherine Tripp (perhaps you heard of me earlier in this blog) and I am the director of Hans My Hedgehog.
Wednesday’s rehearsal was very exciting. It was the first time the directors were alone with their casts and could get down to the nitty gritty rehearsing. For this cast (Daniel Eichner, Michael Grew, Helen Pafumi, and Simone Zvi) it was the equivalent of a week of rehearsal in three hours.
We met at in the Woolly Mammoth classroom. And instead of sitting down to table work. We immediately went in to fight choreography. I would have loved to have talked about motivations or blocked some of it, but it was the only time Scott Kerns was available (THANK YOU SCOTT!!!). So we spent the first hour learning how to fight and kiss at the same time. (Are you intrigued yet?) We spent the next two hours blocking and talking about characters (simultaneously mostly).
The pace that is required to get the piece in order is grueling but very fun. But if Anne M. McCaw can come up with a script this good in 24 hours, it deserves all the hard work we can give it. All that to say- I love my hard working actors. I think we had a good time yesterday. I know I did. And having watched the scripts grow from day one I can’t wait to see what the other kids are doing.

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hpmelon said...

Rehearsal was great fun. Two quotes from the night that must be shared are.

"Sometimes a whore needs dyin'." - Catherine Tripp

"So its fight fight, struggle, grab...then sexy sexy...then fight again." - Scott Kerns