Monday, September 10, 2007

Helen P. Explains It All

See I jumped the gun and then I got me some blogging materials.

Helen Pafumi a lovely actress, Myth participant and a blogger of no small accomplishment herself has pitched in an given us insights into whatever it was that really happened on Saturday night. Remember she had a long week and she is trying to remember the best she can.


6 Myths are given to
6 Playwrights to write a play each in
24 hours, then
6 Directors take
4 Actors each and mount a show in
5 Days
= We are all tired.

It was a hot and steamy day in our nation's capitol. No seriously, it was. It was hot. The Casa del Pueblo was hot, and not just from the actual high temperature outside, but from the sexy sexy inside as well.

Playwrights directors and actors alike were on fire this past weekend at Rorschach Theatre's Myth Appropriations. I got a chance to see almost all the pieces during the dress rehearsal and there was some really great stuff happening. The process this past week was exhausting, but there was a clear cut sense of fun and adventure among it all. Not having worked with Rorschach before I was delighted to find that the folks running this company are salt of the earth, extremely hard working, completely adaptable, and they are able to find the humour in everything along the way.

The high points, and there were many, were working with a great director and designer; wonderful actors; my awesome, if hot, costume; and the words - hell yes, I was given a fabulous script and enjoyed making the most of it.

However, I know that in the end everyone just wants to see the gag reel, the deleted scenes, or the backstage high jinks, so here are a few tidbits:

-Sasha Olinick, claims that he sweats more than Cesar Guadamuz. I declared that we should stage a sweat off to proclaim a true winner.

-Michael Grew, Dana Edwards and others aptly observed that there was kissing in every play performed that evening, including man kissing woman, man kissing man, and woman kissing half man-half hedgehog.

-Adrienne Nelson was so convincing in her role, that I 'bout lept outta ma seat to run and git her some menthols, afore her stories started'.

-I had an entire conversation in a midwestern accent with Maggie Glauber, Ghillian Porter, and Jenny Corbett about ( do I put this....never mind...keeping it PG-13....) stuff.

-Evan Casey wanted to take the 4 minute curtain call that was due him, but decided at last minute to stick with the bow and getting off the stage.

-Randy Baker (after reminding us to clear the house of all of our stuff and turn off all of our cell phones) left his cell phone in the house during the show.

-Jason Linkins thinks that death and candles are good source material for screwball comedy.

Alas, I wish I had more, I wish I remembered more from the day. I wish I had not gotten names wrong, or attributed comments to the wrong people, but I very well may have. If so, my apologies. Thank you to all for an extremely fun roller coaster ride.

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