Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Echo, Echoo, Echooo!

The thing is I am not that creative. I pretend that I am but I am an actor and actors for the most part are too involved in themselves to ever develop ideas which benefit the group as a whole. Sure they pretend to support causes all the time: the oceans; hunger; IBS just to name a few. But when it come right down to it I steal all my best ideas from others and have people who tell me how to say my lines and how to move.

That being said I have to send out a list of questions to the cast and crew of Kit Marlowe for the latest round of Get to Know! features and I have kind of been running cold this week. Call it a writing slump or just going to a dry well too many times with a bucket full of holes, but I need your help!

Leave me a question for the cast and crew of Kit Marlowe in the comment area. I need like 7 of them and I will use the best of them. If you don't leave me any questions, I swear to God I will ask them what their favorite color is, what dead person would they want to meet and what kind of tree they would be.

Don't think I won't! I am kind of desperate at the moment. So leave you questions in the comment section and wish me good luck, I am so out of ideas right now I asked my mom what I should wear to work this morning.



Emelye said...

Have you read any Marlowe before this play?

Any previous codpiece experiences you'd care to share with us?

What feature of Marlowe's London should Rorschach duplicate to really enhance the audience's experience?

What was your best/worst haircut or body modification for a part in a play?

Spy vs. Spy: James Bond or Jason Bourne -- who wins?

Unknown said...

If you could go out for a wild night on the town with Kit Marlowe, where would you go and what would you do?