Friday, April 27, 2007

Southern Gothic

First off, as promised here is the link to the full City Paper review for References . . .

Great audience last night for References to Salvador Dali Make Me Hot. Would love to see you all tonight and tomorrow night at 8pm. Tickets are still available.

I now draw your attention to a recurring references to a certain Southern Playwright and a certain DC Actor and Blogger:

. . . under a smirking, white-suited moon, who—while we’re on the topic of oddities—looks and sounds like Tennessee Williams in his later, boozier days. (Who else but Rorschach Theatre regular Scott McCormick?) -Trey Graham-The City Paper

How else would you describe a play that quickly introduces the Moon, played by the purring Scott McCormick in a white suit standing on top of a refrigerator? With his pencil mustache and smutty way with purple prose, the figure's resemblance to Tennessee Williams seems wholly intentional. - Nelson Pressley -The Washington Post

Now I am still not clear if Trey is complimenting me or saying I might have a drinking problem.

Yet this idea of the Moon being my attempt at channeling Tennessee Williams does intrigue. For the record I have never heard a recording of Mr. Williams and the surface resemblence can be chalked up to my nifty white suit and mustache. Alright I will admit the mustache is kind of a cool coincidence.

Where did I go for my inspiration? Vocally, not sure. Didn't occur to me until I read the review that I was putting a twang in my voice. Physically, I watched Ricardo Montalban in an old episode of Columbo (A Matter of Honor-1976) where he played a bull fighter who had lost his nerve. Costume, Pei told me she was drawing inspiration from Maurice Chevalier.

So all this has inspired me to do some thinking and some writing. I am going to run a profile on Monday of our Sound Designer Matt Nielson and then Tuesday ala Diary of Morataka (also known as Orson Welles/Godzilla: A Day in the Life) we will see what kind of life Tennessee Williams would have if he were the Moon. So its:

Fingers crossed it will be funny. If my luck holds however I will be happy not to offend anyone. So get ready for a ride over Mount Morgan as Tennessee Williams becomes La Luna.

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