Monday, April 16, 2007

Opening Night: References ...

It was cold and it was rainy outside. Inside we were enjoying the warmth of the California Desert, just outside of Barstow. Fantastic Opening Night if I do say so myself and I do. Plenty of family and friends around to show their support for this wild monster of a play.

It is such a family affair at Rorschach when a show opens. And I don't just mean that our parents show up, I mean everyone who comes is a family member of Rorschach. Lots of theaters have their contributors at these events and Rorschach is no exception. But at Rorschach our Board and our contributors are just as likely to be lifting a hammer, making runs to the Home Depot or setting up the post show snacks as any company member or designer.

Thank you to everyone who makes these things happen. Thank you for the help you give in marketing a show or just sweeping up.

Remember References to Salvador Dali Make Me Hot continue this weekend and until May 13th.

Tonight Rorschach joins with the rest of the DC theater world in celebrating the Helen Hayes Awards. We wish the best of luck to Grady, Michael John, Jason and Scott as they either are the recipients of the Helen Hayes or a lot of well wishers slapping their back afterwards telling them that they were robbed.

We also wish the best to all of the Rorschach Alum who are up for the HH tonight. You are all winners in our book.

And finally to the folks who are just going because of the open bar. Please have a great time and don't do anything you will regret when theaterboy gets done doing his evening recap.

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