Thursday, April 19, 2007

Review II: Electric Boogaloo

Scott McCormick as the Moon is a gem. When he croons his version of ‘Moon River’, ‘Fly Me to the Moon’ and ‘Blue Moon ‘in his snazzy white suit, you only wish he was smoking a Cuban cigar as well. Gabby (Gabriela Fernandez-Coffey) and Benito (Andrew Price) handle the hard drama skillfully - both completely engulfed in their characters and their depression. The cat and coyote portrayed by Yasmin Tuazon and Danny Gavigan respectively, are the "hot" part of References to Salvador Dali Make Me Hot, their back and forth sexual game play is some of the best comedic acting I have seen in a while. The Coyote, while trying to swoon the young feline, promises "all of her nine lives will have orgasms". Last but certainly not least is our amorous young friend Martin, (Cesar A. Guadamuz) who is just a prize. With work at Rorschach and last year’s Lunch and Spinning Into Butter, he has become an engaging young actor.

That is what Ronnie Ruff over at DC Theatre Review had to say about the cast if you want to read about the love he showed to the rest of the show, click here for the entire review.

And this was the note passed to us through our very much appreciated dramaturg from the playwright regarding our outstanding review in The Washington Post yesterday:

Dear Jacqueline,

Thank you so much for the wonderful review.
And I was already bummed that I couldn't see the production --now I'm twice as bummed! Please give the cast my sincerest congratulations. Also -- I saw the piece on youtube. That was great. Thanks for being my window into your production ...

hope our paths cross again.

Here is the link to the trailer if you missed it last week.

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