Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Wednesday and It Hot

Ladies and gentlemen two days in a row and it is over 9o degrees. Whether we have actually started summer is one for debate but it is clear that the weather has for now taken on a pea soup like quality that I despise.

The Arabian Night is set in Berlin on the hottest night of the year. Here is a
link to the weather forecast today in Berlin. Quick calculation and a quick public school educated conversion of the temperature leads me to believe it is a beautiful day in Berlin. Not the hottest night of the year that our play requires but it is nice that our friends in Berlin are enjoying a partly cloudy day in the low 60s.

Much of my time these days is spent dreaming of far off lands and traveling the world in search of beauty and exotic locals. Looking for the romance that travel promises to every bright eyes American boy and girl. Destinations like Berlin and Istanbul dance through all of our imaginations. Rorschach has taken its all over the globe at one time or another. Whether it is Moscow after the Revolution in Master and Margarita, a deserted road somewhere in the jungles of Southeast Asia in After the Flood or the war torn streets of Bosnia in Family Stories, Rorschach takes audiences to times and places at once familiar but also strange and just a little bit twisted from our expectations.

I think that even though this is our second visit to Berlin this season, the Berlin of The Arabian Night will bear little resemblance to the world of A Bright Room Called Day. Each of our designers brings their own special vocabulary and vision to each of our shows. There has never been a repeat yet on our stage.

So dream of Berlin and Istanbul and where the two cities live side by side in The Arabian Night. Find where they collide and co-exist and let us take you there for one magic and scary roller coaster ride.

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