Monday, May 22, 2006

Auf Wiedersehen!

What a way to end a run! With a weekend of sell outs and special union of two of our favorites we had a weekend that will probably be remembered for a long time to come. I will be writing a summary of the wedding of Steve Carpenter and Lauren Hyland later. If you have any photos of the event please forward them on. I will say for the record though, you could not have had a more beutiful day for an outside wedding and the ceremony was fantastic. I will have a report from the moon bounce and the dance floor later. Right now though we have to say goodbye to the third show of our sixth season.

Let me start out by saying how pleased I was with the way this weekend shaped up for A Bright Room Called Day. People were being packed in for the final weekend and I am so glad so many people got a chance to see what was truly a magnificent show. Kudos to the cast, crew, director, designers and company for what was perhaps one of the most topical plays to have been produced in DC this season.

I can't remember a show that I have enjoyed watching more this year and I know that everyone who took the time to speak to me after they saw the show were all blown away. All of the performances, direction and design elements added up to what I can only describe as magic and you should all be very proud of the work you did.

That all being said every cast deserves a final bow on the blog so here are the people who made A Bright Room Called Day possible.

A Bright Room Called Day

BY Tony Kushner

DIRECTED BY Rahaleh Nassri

PRODUCED BY Randy Baker and Jenny McConell Frederick

FEATURING Company Members Lindsay Allen, Elizabeth Chomko and Grady Weatherford, with Katie Atkinson, Matt Dunphy, Lauren Krizner, Cam Magee, Alexander Strain and Ellen Young

DESIGNED BY Franklin Labovitz (Costumes), Jacob Muehlhausen (Set), Matt Nielson (Sound), Nathaniel John Sebastian Sinnott (Lights), Becky Trotter (Props), Grady Weatherford (Multimedia) and Amy Kleist (Technical Director)

STAGE MANAGED BY Vivian Woodland and Ryan Taylor(ASM)


A BRIGHT ROOM CALLED DAY is sponsored in part by a generous gift from Unique USA Inc.

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The Deceiver said...

I told Rahaleh last night that the thing I liked most about A BRIGHT ROOM CALLED DAY is that I just felt comforted somehow knowing that it was up and running, as if knowing that some living thing was out there, unafraid and penetrating the murk of all the things that greatly unsettle me.

Now the show is closed, and I immediately feel out-of-sorts again. Funny, that.