Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Join us at The Mary Goldwaters

All of you our friends and family are invited to The Mary Goldwater Awards Reception next Monday. I am telling you all now so you can plan accordingly. Rorschach is being honored for and I quote:

Rorschach Theatre Company: for excellence and vision in producing works representing a variety of cultures and styles, including premieres of new plays.

This is one of those rare awards that doesn't just recognize a particular person or show but a whole theater company. It honors everyone whether they have acted, designed, managed, directed, picked up a hammer, painted a set, written a play, worked front of house, been a board member, written a check, been in the audience or given birth or raised anyone who has done one of those invaluable things. It is a night to celebrate the people who make it possible for us to put on show after show and make the world a little safer by keeping 10 to 20 people off the street, who might well be terrorizing society if they weren't using their brains and talent to entertain and enlighten.

So please if you have a free evening next Monday, come and help us celebrate this honor.

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