Thursday, May 25, 2006

Rorschach and the News

Welcome to an all new feature here at the Rorschach Blog, Rorschach and the News. This is where we take a story from the headlines and tell you how we at Rorschach would produce a play based on this event. You can either read the article or just read about the hypothetical production, it's just that simple. Today I draw your attention to this article from the Washington Post's Reliable Source:

In Georgetown, the Case of the Walloped Woofers

The long and the short of this is:

An unidentified man in a bathrobe walked onto the back patio of the Snap tea house and creperie around 9 a.m. and bludgeoned the cafe's stereo speakers with his cane. - By Amy Argetsinger and Roxanne Roberts - Washington Post- 5/25/06

Since this is Rorschach we would of course build a complete replica of the original Snap tea house and creperie. Imagine if you will a court yard cafe with small tables and those plastic chairs that you buy on special at CVS. Dominating the space would be a large painted sign with the name of the cafe and a delightful cartoon mascot standing next to the menu and a wipe board where the specials would go. Surrounding the space would be large stereo speakers and at the center of the stage on a high shelf would be a "The Stereo."

"The Stereo" would of course represent something deeper and more meaningful than just loud music. Perhaps it would be the plight of the aging, tensions among America's working and leisure classes, or the devil. Knowing Rorschach it would probably represent the devil and whenever no one on stage was looking at "The Stereo" the lighting designer would shine some kind of red light on "The Stereo." First the light would start out low and then it would get brighter and brighter until there was no mistaking the fact that "The Stereo" was the devil.

Costume wise you have the guy in the bathrobe, the cafe workers and then the kind of customers
who would be in a creperier at 9 a.m. in Georgetown on a Tuesday morning in May. So I am thinking we would blow our whole budget on designer knock-offs and running suits.

Casting wise, I think we would probably look outside the company for the cafe owner. We would try and find an older white male to play the part of the cane wielding maniac and we would audition about six or seven middle aged men, who for some reason would be unavailable or just not right for the part and then we would cast me. The patron's of the cafe with their various personality quirks would be made up of at least three company members and four people who we met at a bar or party the weekend before who kept telling us how much they loved Rorschach and would love to work for us someday. Personally that is how I get most of my work, so I am not judging here, keep those compliments coming people.

Finally we would need a director (I know most of you think we need a script as well but that is how other companies work, thank you very much) so I think anytime you have a devil stereo and random street violence you need Grady Weatherford.

Well there you go, we'll be previewing in two weeks and please tell all your friends.

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