Thursday, May 11, 2006

Sexy German Play

Rorschach has one last card up its sleave this season. And when I say card I mean a show that is blistering HOT !!! People who know me know that I don't use all caps that often, hardly use exlimation points at all (let alone three of them in a row) and don't change font color unless I really mean it. I mean it loyal readers, I mean it when I say Arabian Night will be the cherry on top of a season that has already been filled to the brim with dramatic goodness (see I am so excited I even mixed a metaphor.) Arabian Night will have its first read on Saturday and I can tell you it has me tingling in all those spots in my psyche that Dr. Freud loved and exploited. Arabian Night is by the German playwright Roland Schimmelpfennig and is chocked full of sexiness. Sexy is not a word I would use about a German Play but there is no other word.

What is Rorschach saying about Arabian Night:

Nominated Play of the Year by six German critics in 2001, Arabian Night is a sleek and sensual thriller from one of the most acclaimed new voices of the German stage. Arabian Night
follows the interweaving fantasies, crossed paths and conflicting desires of five individuals from the East and from the West. All of them are trapped in a magical apartment tower on the hottest night in history.

“A deliciously playful flight of fancy…shaggy-dog magic realism, reveling in the furtive joys of urban life as the setting of a concrete jungle is transformed into a gossamer mirage.” - LONDON EVENING STANDARD

Jenny McConnell Frederick directs this the final show of Rorschach 6th Season. The woman who
brought you prostitutes in the lobby of WJCC in God of Vengeance, Lindsay Allen in a slip in A Clearing in the Woods, Tim Getman in a codpiece in Master and Margarita and Scott McCormick with a hunch back in The Scarlet Letter, turns her directing magic on this work of Magical Realism. And let's face it folks isn't Magical Realism the only Realism worth paying for?

Design wise Matthew Frederick (Sound), David Ghatan (Lights), Tim Getman (Set) and Yvette Ryan (Costumes). That's right ladies and gentlemen little Timmy Getman is designing us a set.

What can I say about the actors? Not much because I only know two of them. Matt Dunphy (hot off of A Bright Room Called Day) and Nelina Giridhar(Fair Ladies at a Game of Poem Cards) are joined by Jessica Hansen, Jason McCool, and Edwin Xavier.

Tickets are now available for this show that will run month of July and only two weekends left to see A Bright Room Called Day. Hell why not book tickets for both while you are making reservations. Rorschach Theatre we know you like to watch.

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Why'd you post a picture of Elvis Costello next to the Arabian Night entry?