Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Not Socks

Getting a new play in the mail is one of those Christmas morning kind of feelings. You know the play you ordered and you know the plot but you aren't sure if it will be the equivalent of the G.I. Joe Battle Base or a pair of socks. It is especially wonderful when the play comes from a foreign country and you order it on Thursday and it is in your grubby little hands on Tuesday morning. You are full of expectations, will this be as good as you imagined or will it be socks?

As Rorschach draws ever nearer to picking and announcing our Seventh Season, we all are passing scripts around and planning readings and hoping to find a pinball machine and not socks. For the most part I would say our average on picking plays that aren't socks is pretty damn high. As a matter of fact I can not think of a single show that has seen production at Rorschach that you would find balled up in your drawers next to the underwear and belts. When something sees the light of day at Rorschach you won't find it being covered by a pair of shoes.

Reminders now for A Bright Room Called Day, we have two weekends left. We sold out last Saturday Night and I expect that trend to continue for the forseeable future. You know it is a great show and not just because I keep telling you it is a great show either. You know it will be great because the playwright is Tony Kushner and the production is all Rorschach.

What does a Rorschach show mean? It means the most innovative design you will find on any DC stage, inventive and amazing direction, and performances so fantastic that they will knock you on your ass.

Added shows this Saturday at 4pm and next Wednesday at 8pm. Call 1-800-494-TIXS or buy tickets them on-line at Box Office Tickets.

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