Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Busing down to 16th and Q, NW

Running a bit behind today. Had a call back at Theater J this morning. For those of you who think it isn't true I do in fact work or attempt to work at other theaters besides Rorschach. In the past two years I have actually worked at three other theaters and will be making the trip out to Olney starting next month for some outdoor trauma.

Any way the point of this story isn't about the scope of success of my acting career, which still teeters on the razors edge of "Scott Who?" and "you were that guy in that thing with that deep voice."

The point of this story is that I live in Silver Spring and the people at Metro have very considerately provided a bus that runs from the Sprung to right in front of Theater J on 16th Street. It also drops me off a block and a half from Rorschach when the occassion arises. As the bus arrives at Park and 16th, Washington City Paper Theater Critic and NPR Personality Mr. Bob Mondello boards the bus. At first there are no seats so he stands in front of me, which if you ever have ridden a bus with someone standing in front of you this puts you at a very awkward angle to stare. Eventually the woman sitting next to me gets up to leave and I slide over. Mr. Mondello takes the seat next to me. Now I deal with the press for Rorschach and have for about five years now. I talk to them all on the phone but face to face time for me is a rarity.

Now I could have talked the man's ear off about Rorschach which I am sure many of you who know me personally have had happen on occasion or I could let the man read his comics and do his Soduku in peace. I chose the later, but as I rose from my seat I handed him a post card for Bright Room and told him if he wanted to see a great show this weekend in his neighborhood he should stop by. He said, "Thanks you sir." and I moved on.

His "sir" confirmed my previous statement of "Scott Who?" and "You were that guy . . ." but these are the little moments that make living in a city as intimate as DC exciting and humbling all at the same time. Next time I will tell you about the time I didn't say anything to Barak Obama at the China Town Metro.

One more thing Ari Roth, thanks for reading, hope I haven't bored you yet.


SAS said...

Oh good G-D! What bus does he ride? Seriously - what schedule? No, I shouldn't stalk him, should I? That will just look bad. Cripey. Critics. No, cause then I would just say something stupid and inarticulate and he would be all like, "See, I was right she is stupid and doesn't know what she's doing" and I'd be all like, "Why are you slamming my show Mr. Mondello? Why do you have to do that, huh?" and then he'd be all like "Where is that nice tall man who gave me the postcard last time? I like him. I don't like this short girl yelling at me."

DCepticon said...

I have given you all the clues I am willing to give. I don't think that yelling Bob M. will kill the pain you are feeling right now. Let it go Indiana. I personally can't wait to see the show and I know that I specifically did not read the review to come in with the open mind I am almost sure that I pocess.
By the way thank for saying I am tall.

Anonymous said...

Now that is how you know you are there as a critic :-)

Postcards in the mailbox and personally delivered while taking mass transit!

Anonymous said...

Classic. Classic and clueless.

Some critics in this town are real wankers.

DCepticon said...

Not wankers. I will not start the kind of trash talk that fills other blogs. I have to say, I don't always look the same week to week or show to show. I have been wearing my hair quite short these days and I wasn't talking. I think 90% of Scott recognition comes from booming sounds anyway.