Friday, May 12, 2006

Mother of a Day

Went and saw A Bright Room Called Day last night for the second time. Besides having some truly exceptional company with me for the experience, I got to tell you folks, it hit me even harder this time. The whole cast has raised their game to a level of excellence that I have very rarely witnessed. Some shows seem to fall apart after the first weekend and yet others gel as the cast doesn't have to worry about critics and the other trivia that seems to haunt you while you are getting ready for an opening night. This cast has blossomed ladies and gentlemen into something so perfect. I know Kushner's play could be sited by the hyperbola police for doing 110 mph in a 55 mph zone, but I quote the film King of Hearts:
If I don't exaggerate how do I know that it is real?
We have two weekends left and this weekend we have four shows. Tonight at 8pm, tomorrow at 4pm and 8pm and Sunday at 4pm. This would be a great opportunity to take your Mom out to the theater on Mother's Day.

Or had that slipped your mind? What lousy children you all are, forgetting Mother's Day you might as well kiss the rest of your year goodbye. Think of all the trips to the zoo, matinees of The Nutcracker and countless Motor X meets. And selfish you can't be bothered to take your Mom, the woman who treated your wounds and stayed up with you all night when you had that awful dye job, to see a simple play about Nazis, Communist and the Devil. For shame! I don't even know you anymore.

Who are you and how did you get in my room? Put the gun down. We can work this out like reasonable adults. What is it you want? You want to get tickets for A Bright Room Called Day so you can take your Mom to see it on Mother's Day? Why didn't you say so? Just call 1-800-494-TIXS or go to Box Office Tickets online. See that wasn't that hard. All these threats over a little thing like theater tickets. I know she loves you and you love her, and I can't think of a better way to show her love than with Kushner. Why don't you pick up some flowers too? She likes flowers doesn't she? Well you take the flowers pick her up and you head down to Columbia Heights. You say she is scared of the City after sundown. Well let her know the show starts at 4pm and she will be out of the City long before Sundown at 8:05 this evening. I think your mother would be proud of you. Damn Proud!

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