Tuesday, May 23, 2006

They Like Us ...

Last night Rorschach Theatre was honored by the Theatre Lobby with a Mary Goldwater Award, which "honors excellence achieved against odds in National Capital area theaters."

The Mary Goldwater Awards themselves are a very homey feeling event. A group of older theater goers stand up and read a brief biography of each of the recipients and then a proclamation is presented. There is no format and there certainly is no true pomp, but the whole thing has the feeling of a Town Hall Meeting. Generations of theater goers and artists gather together to honor the theater artists they genuinely like with heartfelt proclamations. At the end past honorees are asked to tell everyone what they are up to and the whole thing takes on a sort of "what have you kids been doing with yourselves" flavor.

I think all of the Rorschach family who were present last night Randy, Deb, Grady, Rahaleh, Hugh, Jason S. and I were all touched by the warm and kind words that the Theatre Lobby spoke when presenting the award. Anyone interested in seeing the ceremony should contact Jenny's Mom and Dad since Mr. McConnell was up there recording the whole thing. The McConnells were also recognized for their contributions as well, being asked to stand up to acknowledge their labor in helping the company put the show together. It would have been interesting if part of that acknowledgement could have been for sowing Tim's cod piece for Master and Margarita and helping us repair the window grate after our B&E escapade.

Thank you Theatre Lobby and thank you everyone who helped us receive the honor. And also congratulations to all of the other recipients.

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