Friday, May 19, 2006

Bye Bye Bye

Tonight is the beginning of the end. One show tonight and two on Sunday and then A Bright Room Called Day goes into all of our collective pasts. To be stored and archived in the memories of company and audience alike.

It is the weirdest thing saying good-bye to a show. In the world of DC theater it is usually the experience of 2 or 3 months. Making friends and enemies you never would have had otherwise. Some of them you keep forever but many of them fade so quickly. Not saying you don't still care about the person but life creeps in and the next show comes and you start all over again. Learning names and faces, avoiding conflict and attempting once again to have a working relationship with a group of people who have been on the same ride you have.

I don't wish it to be true and I don't think anyone does but the nature of this beast is that we all feel very deeply for one another and then we all get involved in the next big thing in our lives and then we invest just as much in them. If we are lucky we do another show with these people, but we all know that dynamics change. The man you closed bars down with suddenly had a wife and child and has to be in by 11 p.m. The woman who you adored has found religion, moved to another city and you never see her again.

You can work in an office for years with people and never care as deeply for them as the family you make when working on a show in a church sanctuary on Columbia Road for 10 weeks.

I have no solution and I may be wrong and this is just my problem. One of the reasons I love working with Rorschach is because there are people who are around all of the time. Familiar faces that I have raged at and adored.

Tomorrow Lauren Hyland and Steve Carpenter are getting married. Lauren and Steve, I believe, started dating because of working together on a show at Theater J (there is Theater J again sorry.) Maybe these shows do stay with us and last forever when we let them. Hell just being around someone when they are working on a show gives you the best and worst of them. Maybe it doesn't have to be goodbye to everyone.

Sorry, I am particularly smitten these days which causes me to gush a little. I can hardly see the screen because of the water coming out of my eyes. There I am better, still smitten but better all the same. I promise to bring "Snarky Scott" back for a visit sometime soon.

Speaking of which . . .

It works people! Guilt wins again. I am not sure what irony Cindy is referring to but she did in fact send us this message:

Cindy said...
Oh the irony in this blog is killing me. And you WILL see me tonight, you will indeed!

Someone will have to confirm whether she did indeed come to see the show last night or not but if she did I think we can all let the healing begin.

Cast and crew of Bright Room thanks for one of my favorite theater experiences on or off stage. See you all tonight!

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