Wednesday, March 28, 2007

To the Hilt

As much fun as it is for us all to get to know the cast and crew of References to Salvador Dali Make Me Hot, each day, there are still rehearsals going on. Long fulfilling rehearsals, that bring everything a little bit more into focus each day.

The set begins to take shape around us and designers come in and see what the hell exactly we have been doing for the last three weeks. This is when theater comes together. And while it may lack the life that performance in front of an actual audience achieves, all of the elements are there. Characters find their voices and movement, Directors decide what the play is actually about and Stage Managers begin to realize exactly what kind of monster they will be attempting to wrangle for a four week run.

Last night oour our Grady Weatherford came in to do some stage combat work. While nowhere near as intense as some of the fight work that Grady has done for us in the past, there were a number of practical questions that needed answering. Questions like the correct use of a fire arm (basic stuff like not trying to take a loaded gun into a Senate Office Building) or whether it is in fact possible to safely Tango with a woman an a loaded weapon. I think these are issues we all face in our day to day lives.

We have another designer run tomorrow night. And I think we have actually got a show here folks. You know I have to be positive, it is my job, but I feel damn sexy in this play and I think everyone is wandering around like Casanovas and Don Juans, so look for the steam to rise as we are just two weeks away from our first preview audience.

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