Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Spring is Busting Out

It seems to be the time of year when nature can't make up its mind. Looking out on to Wisconsin Avenue this morning I am struck by how spoiled Global Warming as made us. Snow has been falling off and on all morning and I for one will admit that I am a little sick of the yo-yo ride that winter in Washington has become.
But Spring will be here soon. And with the robins and warmth comes another Rorschach production. References to Salvador Dali Make Me Hot is just 5 short weeks from opening. We have first read on Saturday morning and I for one could not be more excited. This script lives up to the heat it advertizes. The good news is that we will need the warmth.
Shirley Serotsky is making her Rorschach directing debut. Yasmin, Cesar, Danny, Scott and Andrew will welcome new comer Gabriella to the Rorschach world. We get a fun playground to work with by Robbie Hayes and clothes to strut in by Pei Lee. Andrew Griffen will light the whole thing and Cecilia will stage manage the hell out of us.
So when the snow clears today and you are all thinking about what you will be doing with what promises to be a warm Saturday morning for a change. Think of all of us sitting around a long table drinking coffee and eating crumb cake and cheese, as we start to bring this new monster to life.

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