Monday, March 26, 2007


I like milestones. They remind you of how far you have come and give you a sense of accomplishment. Each time this blog reaches a hundred entries I like to take a look back. For those of you who missed it here is the post when we reached 300.
I read someone elses blog the other day and she asked the question how many people actually read these rah-rah rehearsal was great blogs? I will answer that question honestly and say it depends. On a day like today we might get 50 hits, as we get closer to Opening it might be 75 and when the Reviews come out it might reach as high as 150.
When you consider how many hits some of the blogs in the world get each day, it doesn't amount to much. We never started this blog expecting the world to suddenly look to this blog every day to find the deeper meaning of life. To be honest the fact that we have written, with help from all of you, 400 blog entries makes me kind of go "wow!"
I think many of you know that while this here enterprise was started to market Rorschach's shows, but it has in fact grown beyond that purpose. Through the magic of Tracking Referrals I have noticed a trend about what brings people to this blog.
It attracts people who are looking for answers about how to act in, direct, design and market their small shows.
The Google searches that have directed people to the Rorschach Blog include:
Jose Rivera Themes
Elizabethan Costumes
Curtain Speeches
Learning your lines
Putting Asses in Seats
Who was Shakespeare?
Japanese Theater
I am not so self-absorbed that I think this blog is the repository for all things theater. I do think this blog has a life beyond just Rorschach.
As each entry is made it collects the history of what this company has struggled through and what we dream about for our future. It is a resource for people who want to do what we are doing.
If this blog were simply a report of what we did in rehearsal yesterday it would pretty damn boring and I agree no one would want to read it. As I said all bloggers are trying to get people to read about their lives. Some of them parade their personal lives, their failed experiments and agendas all over the place. And while I try and paint the best picture I can of Rorschach sometimes you all get to see the warts as well. And if you aren't getting enough warts I will see what I can do.
More get to Get to Know stuff tomorrow. And I promise to report on the designer run References to Salvador Dali Make Me Hot, that was delayed due to marathon runners. But today I pat us all on the back and promise at least a hundred more entries.

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