Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Get to Know Cecilia Cackley

Stage Management is one of the most under appreciated jobs in the world. How many people outside of theater actually know what it is a stage manager does? To be honest how many people in the theater know exactly what a stage manager does? Besides sitting there with the script and writing down the blocking, taking notes for the director to pass along to the designers, dealing with the schedule, dealing with actors and directors, making sure the props are set, calling and in some cases executing the lighting and sound cues and just about every other thankless job that a theater can't find someone to do. This is the life of a stage manager and finding good ones is not an easy task for what most small companies can pay, besides tons and tons of experience I mean.
For References to Salvador Dali Make Me Hot we have a woman who has decided to re-enlist for another tour of duty. Having fought in the trenches under the command of two show vet Megan Reichelt, Cecilia has returned to lead her own rag-bag crew of misfits unto the breach. Now enjoy Getting to Know Cecilia.
1. What is your job in References to Salvador Dali Make Me Hot?

stage manager
2. Have you ever worked for Rorschach before and how?

ASM on Rough Magic
3. Do you have any recurring dreams and if so what are they about?

Anxiety dreams about my third grade class acting up
4. Other than Dali which painters turn you on?

Frida Kahlo, Remedios Varo, Marc Chagall
5. Have you been doing any special research for the show?

not really
6. Who is the biggest celebrity you have ever met and how?

Sandra Day O'Connor and Kofi Annan. I sang for them in college.
7. In a steel-cage-no-holds-barred-death match which character in Dali would win?
Gabby. She has ultimate power over everyone.
8. Who do you kiss in the show? (director and stage manager feel free to answer this as well)
9. If you could live inside of any painting what would it be?

Naturaleza Muerta Resucitando by Remedios Varo. I like the flying plates.

10. If you had a theme song what would it be? And for the actors what would your characters theme song be?

'Happiness' from You're a Good Man Charlie Brown.

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