Monday, March 13, 2006

Profiles to Discourage the Directory

I know that some of you may have come late to the game with the questions and answers from the various Rorschach family members. So you don't have to go scrounging about, here is a list of the company members and links to their answers. If there is no link they have not supplied answers and should be shamed the next time you see them.

The Blogger

Lindsay Allen
Randy Baker
Michael John Casey
Elizabeth Chomko
Matthew Frederick
Jenny McConnell Frederick
Tim Getman
David Ghatan
Maggie Glauber
Lauren Hyland
Jason Linkins
Scott McCormick
Karl Miller
Rahaleh Nassri
Tracy Lynn Olivera
Hugh T. Owen
Melissa Schwartz
Debra Kim Sivigny
Jason Stiles
Yasmin Tuazon
Grady Weatherford

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