Wednesday, March 08, 2006

May She Be With You

Just three days left before we start to tame the monster that is Tony Kushner's A Bright Room Called Day, mean time we are winding down our romp through all things company related with our grand finale on Friday. In order to squeeze everyone in I will be running two of these today, so check back later in the day for a bonus profile.

We begin today with our own little
CJ Craig. I introduce you to a woman who brings a little bit of the left coast into our tower of Eastern Elite, Melissa Schwartz. Melissa will never let me forget the fact that it took me like meeting her three times before I remembered her name. I will once again state that just because I don't remember your name doesn't mean I don't remember you. I just suck at one of the basic social graces. My assumption is that I will probably never meet someone again after meeting them at a party so why should I sacrifice an already feeble memory on remembering the name of someone I will never meet again. Melissa however is not one of those people who you meet and forget. She is driven and funny, a rare combo in my experience.

Melissa has the unique distinction of having been both a Stage Manager and an Actor in two different Rorschach shows. She Stage Managed JB and was one of the ensemble that made Master and Margarita so memorable. Talented and self-possessed Melissa long before becoming a company member was a fantastic ambassador for Rorschach even when working for various other theater companies around town.

She has worked for the ACLU and even recorded a rather memorable flash animation short with company member Jason Stiles, about the dangers of ordering a
Pizza in the Future, defending your Civil Rights.

Currently she serves as the Press Secretary for
Senator Barbara Mikulski of Maryland. Since she took the job she has become a coinsurer of crab cakes and now drops the word "hon" in casual conversation. It's nice to have a friend and company member who talks like she is from Baltimore and not be the only one who sounds like they grew up in Hamden.

Ms. Melissa Schwartz! (That is Jesse Jackson hugging her to the right.)

I apologize for any lack of clarity or cleverness in the text below, I have few brain cells left this evening but feel the threat of Mr. McCormick's wrath is too great to allow this to remain in my Inbox any longer:

1. Place of birth?

Los Angeles, CA

2. First experience in theater?

Fabulous little musical named "Masquerade Ball" at my elementary school when I was in the 4th grade. Oh yeah, brought the house down.

3. Where you went to school?

College: UC Berkeley, Graduate School: JHU

4. What do you do?

Senate press secretary by day (which is really just a DIFFERENT kind of acting). On hiatus from the acting/stage managing gig.

5. What was your first experience with Rorschach?

Ah, the sweet sweet joy of JB. Such a crazy time - thank GOD for that cast (and Mr. Weatherford's cigarettes). Who better than Rorschach to provide a safety net and discussion-central as I spent my daylight hours trying to expose
John Ashcroft as he tap danced on civil liberties.

6. Company member you would most like to be if you were not yourself?

Alright seriously, that's the weirdest question ever. I object on the grounds that anything I say about anyone will get me in trouble with someone.

7. Some story about working on a Rorschach play that either made you laugh or touched you deeply?

Rorschach company members opened their arms, and flasks, to me when I was nothing but an obnoxious California kid with no friends who was dying to score an audition. They made me feel like part of their clan, and I have met some of my best friends through Rorschach shows. No matter what, I will continue to support the tribe!

8. Where do you think Rorschach will be in the next ten years?

Opening for

9. What is your favorite Rorschach show that you were not in?

Beard of Avon

10. Scott McCormick harmless adolescent or world conquering super villain?

World conquering adolescent

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