Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Season End Review: The Trailers

I am going to be spending some time this week, running down some of the things that made this season so special for Rorschach. From our triumphs to our defeats, our sense of tradition and our blazing new trails 2006-2007 has been a Season with a great deal of progress.

Today I am going to post all four of the trailers we did this season. Grady Weatherford made this happen and I have to say I for one could not be more pleased or grateful for his time and talent. We started out not knowing exactly what these would be or whether it was something we could do on a consistent basis. I have heard some people say that the idea is not all that original, but so far no one else in town has been able to do one of these let alone 4 of them.

So please enjoy the walk down memory lane:

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