Tuesday, July 24, 2007

"Aha!" He Said Knowingly

This comment was left sometime last evening:
damiansinc said...
Hee...hee...strange coincidence indeed...very strange.

You may remember I commented on the similarity between the above sketch from the Capital Fringe Festival Guide and Theater-Boy himself, Trey Graham, last week. Well Damian seems to have, for the sake of this post, confirmed my suspisions.
Aha! I say with my finger raised in the air in the classic Aha! mode.
Now I want to know who the rest of these folks are. I know commenting has slowed to a trickle these days and I have bigger fish to fry, like reminding you that we still need you to come and see birds. But my curriosity is piqued and I hate having anything piqued.
So let us try and figure out who the rest of these folks are. We start with this delightful three quarter portrait of either a woman or a very pretty man. Any thoughts?
Remember birds runs this weekend and then it is gone. We have four shows left: Thursday at 8pm, Friday at 8pm, Saturday at 8pm (there is no show at 3pm on Saturday it was cancelled due to the church having some sort of religious event) and then the final matinee on Sunday at 3pm. Get your tickets now. Last weekends always have a rush of people trying to see the show before it closes and I don't want you to be caught unawares.

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Anonymous said...

I posted that a while ago...its actually me.