Monday, July 02, 2007

birds Trailer and Opening Night Report

birds opened on Saturday night and I think there were a lot of folks who liked it. They really really liked it. This show has been a huge undertaking for everyone involved.

This photo on your right should give you an idea of the scale of this here set. And that is just the set when it is at rest. Someone from the audience on Saturday said it reminded them of an Advent Calendar, you sat there looking for the doors and set pieces that would pop out of nowhere and reveal a new secret.

We were glad to see everyone, press and friends alike. And now the show belongs to the audiences, like a I promised. Thank you to the cast and crew for working so hard to make this happen and we look forward to a successful run.

I will be putting links to the press material as it appears, so check back in at least once or twice this week.

Congraulations to everyone, you should be proud.

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